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About this Seminar

Our three panelists come from diverse traditions of working with children, adolescents and adults. Each has worked out unique ways of incorporating Right Brain Psychotherapy into their ways of being with their clients. Each was driven deeper into the non-verbal, visual and metaphorical experiences with the body’s somato-psychological processes in their therapeutic engagement.We invite you to come and learn about the Creativity Centered Practices they have been evolving for over a decade.

  • We invite you to come and learn about the Creativity Centered Practices they have been evolving for over a decade.

  • What does clinical work feel like as you and your client attain playful and dyadic engagement?

  • Strategies for cultivating feelings of safety together so that enactments make creative turns.

  • Building the long arc of transformative and integrative change one session at a time.

On-Demand Access Includes
3 Hours of Content

  1. 1
    • Part 1 | Welcome & Introduction (14 min)

    • Part 2 | Presentation: Linda Chapman (38 min)

    • Part 3 | Presentation: Lynda Phillips (45 min)

    • Part 4 | Presentation: Madeleine De Little (47 min)

    • Part 5 | Commentary & Conclusion: Allan Schore & Terry Marks-Tarlow (35 min)

    • Community Discussion Forum


The Seminar Features:

Lynda Phillips

Ph.D. CAPCT (Candidate)

Dr Lynda Phillips is an Educational Psychologist and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. As a member of government advisory panels she has influenced policy at all levels. Lynda was involved with the establishment of a number of innovative delivery models, including the development of a childcare centre in Uganda for children with HIV/AIDS and their families. The focus of her research has been on how children make meaning from difficult lived experiences.

Currently, Dr. Phillips is the Associate Dean of Health and Human Services at Vancouver Island University and has a small clinical practice for children and their families. She is a member of an international study group for Infant Parent Psychotherapy. For the last several years, Lynda has coordinated the Seattle Group of Allan Schore’s Seminars.

Linda Chapman


Author of Neurobiolgically Informed Trauma Therapy with Children and Adolescents, Linda has over 40 years of clinical experience with those who have experienced child abuse, violence and medical trauma as well as learning and behavior problems.

Linda participated in a study group with Dr. Allan Schore for over 12 years, and has been in the forefront of applying Allan's teachings to clinical practice. Linda was affiliated with University of California San Francisco for 30 years where she held clinical faculty and research positions.

Madeleine De Little


Dr. De Little is the recipient of the 2021 Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Counsellor Practitioner Award. She is a highly regarded psychotherapist who achieves extraordinary results. She has designed an approach that puts clients, without words, in touch with the deeply buried impact of past trauma through images created with figurines in the sand tray. Right brain to right brain psychotherapy and working in the metaphor bring about epigenetic change. Well-formulated process questions of the figurines based on the Satir Model give words to the newly emerging Self.

Dr. De Little teaches Neuroscience and the Satir Model in the Sand Tray (NSST)™ in Canada, China, Thailand, Singapore, Slovakia, the USA and the Czech Republic. She presents at international conferences and is a Senior Faculty Member of the Banmen Satir China Management Centre. She is a counsellor for the First Nations Health Authority and the Criminal Victims Assistance Program and a founding member of Playful Dyads, a group dedicated to bringing right brain to right brain practice to the forefront of modern psychotherapy.