Strengthening Affective Spirituality with the Primary Modes of Communication

with Dr. Sharon Stanley

Together with Dr. Sharon Stanley, we will explore primary modes of communication (Schore) that open to the life-long development of a vibrant spirituality based on the sacred worth of all.

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2021 Annual Round Up
New Practices in Right Brain Psychotherapy
with Dr. Allan Schore

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What is "Playful Dyads"?

  • A Forum

    A forum for therapists of all traditions and academic training to engage in participative research and learning.

    In the long term, we hope to be a forum for psychotherapists, academics, educators, sociologists, economists, and others to engage in research and learning together; and gain a more effective and actionable understanding of the human condition.

  • A Place to Gather

    Our events bring our members together with panels of innovators in therapeutic practice.

    Brief presentations set the stage for conversations of discovery and exploration of clinical practice. The panels will go deeper into clinical engagement and client work.

  • A Symbol

    for the collaborative potential of three dyads when each achieves playfulness:

    The client-therapist dyad

    The dyad of the two right hemispheres in right brain psychotherapy

    The dyad of right and left hemispheres in the client and in the therapist respectively

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