Please Read Before Applying

  • What is required for acceptance into this course?

    You must have some knowledge and experience of the Satir Transformative Systemic Therapeutic Model.

    You must be in the helping profession, like social workers, counsellors in private practice /agencies, psychologists, school counsellors, medical personnel doing therapy.

    You must have personal liability insurance to practice counseling.

    You must have a clean criminal record check or a self-declaration of no criminal charges, previous offenses etc.

    Additional Requirements:

    You must purchase Dr. De Little’s book "Where Words Can’t Reach: Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray"
    Buy: Hard Copy | Buy: Digital eBook

    You must understand and speak English.

    You must have access to a sand tray and figurines.

    You must be willing to work online using the sand tray with people from other parts of the world.

    You must have technology etc. for video calls and access to Zoom.

  • What is the total course cost? How will payments be collected?

    The total course fee is $2500 USD. The course fee will be collected in 5 automatic monthly payments of $500 USD.

    There is a $50 non-refundable course application fee. If accepted into the course, this fee will be applied towards the total course fee

    All fees will be collected in $USD. We cannot process payments in any other currency.

    The 5 course payments are collected automatically using the payment method on file that was used when you first registered for the course. The payment collections will occur over 5 consecutive months beginning on the date you registered for the course. You will receive a separate receipt each month when a successful payment is made.

    Optionally, you may select to pay the full course fee at registration.

  • Will I receive Continuing Education Credit for this training course?

    A CE certificate will be issued for an additional $20 charge for this course. Instructions for purchasing CE certificates will be emailed separately prior to the course start - and will be available for purchase during the training period. Certificates will be issued after the full training is completed. Continuing Education Certificates must be purchased within thirty (30) days of the training's conclusion. 

    The Canadian Counsellor and Psychotherapy Association will grant and provide 48 CE Units for this training program. 

  • Needs-Based Scholarship Details

    We want to ensure that a broad range of students are able to participate in this course. Playful Dyads will be offering a limited number needs-based scholarships for those students in need of financial aid for this training. These scholarships will be considered and offered on an individual case by case basis depending on the level of need shared by the applicant.

    If you feel that you qualify for this type of enrollment, please apply to the course and add your scholarship justification request during the application process. Note: the $50 USD non-refundable application fee still applies for this type of enrollment and would go towards the course fee if accepted. Acceptance into the course does not require immediate payment - allowing accepted students to request additional funding outside of Playful Dyads.

    The deadline for scholarship application is March 15, 2023. The deadline for course registration and initial payment is April 15, 2023. Please contact Playful Dyads directly if you require accommodations outside of these deadlines.

  • Which of the two sections is right for me? How will my experience of instruction and triad work be different in my selected section?

    If you are in North America or Europe then this section will be convenient for you. If you live in Asia, then the Asia section will be convenient for you.

    North America / Europe Section
    Dr. De Little will be teaching theory and modelling the work through a demonstration in live sessions with the Europe/ North America section.

    Asia Section
    The recordings of Dr. De Little's instruction sessions will be made available to the Asia section a few days after she has presented them live to the North America / Europe section.

    Dr. De Little and a few assisting mentors will participate in the triad work sessions to support your work. These sessions are to be held one week after the live North America / Europe training on predetermined Saturday mornings. (See the dates).

    Note: The two sections will have different homework assignment and final exam deadlines.

  • When are the Live Training Sessions - NORTH AMERICA / EUROPE Section?

    Cohort Introduction
    & Welcome
    APR 22
    9a - 10a PST
    APR 22
    6p -7p CET 
    Session 1 - (2 Days) MAY 20 & 21
    8a - 12p PST
    MAY 20 & 21
    5p -9p CET 
    Session 2 - (2 Days) JUN 3 & 4
    8a - 12p PDT
    JUN 3 & 4 
    5p -9p CEST 
    Session 3 - (2 Days) JUL 8 & 9
    8a - 12p PDT
    JUL 8 & 9
    5p - 9p CEST
    Session 4 - (2 Days) SEP 16 & 17
    8a - 12p PDT
    SEP 16 & 17
    5p - 9p CEST
    Session 5 - (2 Days) OCT 21 & 22
    8a - 12p PDT
    OCT 21 & 22
    5p - 9p CEST
    Session 6 - (2 Days) NOV 18 & 19
    8a - 12p PDT
    NOV 18 & 19
    5p - 9p CEST
    Cohort Wrap-Up DEC 9
    8a - 10a PST
    DEC 9
    5p - 7p CEST

    There are 6 optional mentor-led study sessions between the required sessions. These dates are:

    May 27;  9 - 10:30a PDT / 6 - 7:30p CEST
    June 17;  9 - 10:30a PDT / 6 - 7:30p CEST
    July 22;  9 - 10:30a PDT / 6 - 7:30p CEST
    September 9;  9 - 10:30a PDT / 6 - 7:30p CEST
    October 14;  9 - 10:30a PDT / 6 - 7:30p CEST
    November 11;  9 - 10:30a PDT / 6 - 7:30p CEST

    Find out when this happens in YOUR local time:

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  • When are the live training sessions for the ASIA section?

    Cohort Introduction
    & Welcome

    APR 23
    8a - 9a ICT  
    Session 1 
    MAY 24
    8a  ICT
    JUN 4
    8a - 10a ICT 
    Session 2 
    JUN 7
    8a ICT
    JUN 18 
    8a - 10a ICT 
    Session 3
    JUL 12
    8a  ICT
    JUL 23
    8a - 10a ICT
    Session 4
    SEP 20
    8a ICT
    OCT 1
    8a - 10a ICT
    Session 5
    OCT 25
    8a ICT
    NOV 5
    8a - 10a ICT
    Session 6
    NOV 22
    8a ICT
    NOV 26
    8a - 10a ICT
    Cohort Wrap-Up

    DEC 10
    8a - 10a ICT

    ** There will be 6 additional 2-hour required mentor-led practice sessions between the above practice sessions. These dates will be decided based on mutually agreeable dates and times of the section participants and mentors.

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  • What if I have a conflict one of the meeting times? Am I expected to attend all live training sessions?

    While yes, we hope you can attend all live training sessions, we understand that you may have a conflict. In order to be eligible for your certificate, you are required to attend 80% of all live training and practice sessions.

    If you know you will not be able to make a particular training session, please discuss with Dr. De Little your specific situation prior to the session you will miss.

  • Will there be a recording of the training sessions?

    Yes, all of the training sessions will be recorded and available shortly after the live training session occurred on the online learning platform. These recordings are not intended to replace live engagement and class participation.

    You will have access to the recordings and all other course materials for 90 days past our final live training session.